KIGO Business Development


KIGO Business Development provides international expertise in the international, industrial sector - turning uncertainty into opportunity & advantage


Ensuring that we match the best possible team of senior consultants to customer needs, is a KIGO priority. Our team of advisors have built extensive competence and experience, working in international positions in the industrial sector (including from the Swedish company Sandvik) often over 35 year or more. This practical experience is combined with efficient tools we have honed over the years which, allow us to serve our customers with  'mind opening' business analysis. We ensure that clients are then able to effectively prioritise what their short and long term actions should be, as well as implementing changes and structured follow up.

Our unique business fingerprint or USP, is built on being able to operate effectively at all levels of business –  engaging with owners, management, operators, suppliers and customers. Lasting results come from positive knowledge transfer to our clients and the people involved with making good business happen. This, coupled with our ability to ability to add 'eye openers' to our customers while ensuring efficient implementation of lasting improvements, means we offer tremendous value to our customers.

The business environment is changing faster than ever and at KIGO, we know how to turn uncertainty into opportunity and advantage. We understand and support the development of local companies wishing to go global, and recognise that, because of the rapid development of the global market place, international expansion is now happening at a much earlier stage of growth. By being able to respond more flexibly and rapidly. these smaller companies are starting to challenge the established position of the usual multinationals. Added to this, new and more efficient technologies take precedence over what might have been new and exciting just a few months earlier and, existing products are frequently killed by new. We recognise these trends as opportunities and help manage your needs and expectations  in all areas within a company. Our guidance, for example, would encompass supply, purchasing, new type’s of sourcing, manufacturing, distribution, marketing and sales, administration, innovation, product development, IT both in admin and industrial processes, talent management, company boards all included..

Our skills and experience include:

    • BUSINESS ANALYSIS AND  IMPROVEMENT PROPOSAL. Based on an extensive Business Analysis an improvement plan is developed. What’s the difference compared to “best in class” and what impact have different actions, time to financial improvements and what’s the feasibility of reaching the potential.
    • IMPLEMENTATION. We have the tools to ensure rapid improvements and to in parallel improve the way’s of working in the company/business. We have the experience to ensure lasting improvements.
    • BUSINESS ADVISORY BOARD. For a management to both use available experience but also to think 'outside the box' our recommendation is use an Advisory Board. We are prepared to create a professional advisory board.
    • THINK TANK. Minimum once per year a management team should have an open discussion on the actual situation for their business. How will the market develop and what can be done to develop the business. In this type of discussion we can arrange a team with both experience and also with the capability to challenge the management of the business.
    • MENTORING. We are prepared to ensure a professional mentorship to managers and management teams.
    • METAL AND STEEL INDUSTRY. In this area we have the competence to be involved in detailed production processes (including investments), logistics, product and market development.
    • INDIA AND THE WESTERN WORLD. How to develop manufacturing in India. How for a western world company to take market position in India and also how companies in India are to take position in the western world.

KIGO Business Development is founded by Peter Gossas and Håkan Kingstedt who run the companies Peter Gosssas AB and Monemus AB.



Service offering


  • Energy
  • Engineering services
  • Green technology
  • Infrastructure and Construction
  • Mining and Minerals
  • Transport Logistics and Supply Chain


  • Business development
  • Corporate social responsibility and corporate governance
  • General business support
  • Human resources and skills recruitment
  • Market intelligence research and analysis
  • Purchasing and sourcing

Country of specialization

  • China
  • India
  • Sweden

Focus regions

  • APAC / Asia Pacific
  • EMEA / Europe


  • English
  • Swedish

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Business member organisation

Mälardalens Handelskammare, SIBLERT, SIBC, GMF


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