Here are some frequently asked questions which may help you. If the answer to your question does not appear here, please contact us and we will happily assist you.

Please be aware that you will need to provide the following in order to qualify for registering:

  • Proof of registration that your company is officially registered – according to Swedish law or the corresponding law where your company is based.
  • Client references and documented experience in the countries, areas or sectors where you offer your expertise – reference to 2 clients that we can contact, with a description of the work and projects you have been involved in.
  • Reference to membership in a business member organisation, e.g. chamber of commerce, sector organization or business network.
  • Signed “Declaration of good standing” that your business is compliant to relevant laws, that you are not being investigated for any criminal offence and that your company is solvent and can fulfil contractual obligations.

Annual Membership Fee 

  • Annual membership fee payment of 3000 SEK to Chamber Trade Sweden in accordance with the following:
    — From inside Sweden – Handelsbanken  688 344 348 / Bankgiro 121-0632  /  Swish to 1230018606 / Paypal
    — From outside Sweden – Handelsbanken, 688 344 348, HANDSESS / Paypal
  • Don’t forget to mail your proof of payment to info@swedenonthego.se. 

Registering your company on Sweden on the Go

  • What should I include in my registration? Click here to view a guide to building a great profile on SweGo. (This guide will cover the basic details, and how to add photos to the member’s image gallery)
  • What if my company does not fit into any of the listed categories? Your company may not fit exactly into any of the categories listed. In this case, list your company as General Business Support and then be sure to carefully complete your Profile Description. Also make sure you include keywords which accurately describe your operations in the Tags section
  • What is a Tag? A tag word or tag phrase is a word or phrase which is used to assist in search. For the purpose of listing your company, please choose words which people may use to find your services. For example: A communications company may choose Public Relations, Communications, Marketing, Branding Web development, Copy Writing, Zambia PR expert, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Africa
  • How do I upload a logo? Your company logo will be displayed on your profile page. Images should be in jpeg format and be of good quality.
  • What are compliance documents? These are the documents the SweGo board will use to ensure you are a credible company. Please upload pdf or jpeg images. For the Previous Experience document, please include at least two past clients with whom you have done business who we can contact. Please also ensure that you give a brief description of what service you have provided as well as a contact person and their contact details.
  • What are company images? These allow you to showcase your company, its staff and your work. Companies which include good quality images make their profiles stand out from the crowd and make a good impact on potential clients.
  • When will my registration go live? Once you have submitted all your details and compliance documents, the SweGo board will conduct its approval process. Should your listing not be approved by the board, we will contact you directly with the relevant feedback. Your sign-up fee will then be refunded in full. Please be sure to read our Terms and Conditions too.
  • Will the site save my registration if I don’t complete it? You need to complete your submission in full. The site will not autosave if you logout halfway through.
  • Technical support – if you have problems with creating or updating your listing, please contact info@swedenonthego.se

Advertising on SweGo

  • How can I advertise on SweGo? Paid advertising will be available on SweGo in late 2017.

SweGo Newsletter

  • How do I subscribe to the SweGo newsletter? The SweGo newsletter will be launched in mid 2017. You can still subscribe now. Navigate to the footer and you will a sign up form there.
  • Can I submit an article for consideration in the SweGo newsletter? Yes, please email your content to charlotte.kalin@swedenonthego.se

Code of Conduct

Sweden on the Go has been developed to assist Swedish companies wishing to expand into new regions. Sweden on the Go is not affiliated with any political party or religious organization. The administrators reserve the right to remove any content which is aimed at advocating political or religious views. We will not tolerate profanity or language which is aimed to incite violence or which constitutes hate speech.