How to register

Welcome to register your company and offer your international expertise on Sweden on the Go!

Compliance criteria for qualifying to register

  • Proof of registration that your company is officially registered – according to Swedish law or the corresponding law where your company is based.
  • Client references and documented experience in the countries, areas or sectors where you offer your expertise – reference to 2 clients that we can contact, with a description of the work and projects you have been involved in.
  • Reference to membership in a business member organisation, e.g. chamber of commerce, sector organization or business network
  • Signed “Declaration of good standing” that your business is compliant to relevant laws, that you are not being investigated for any criminal offence, and that your company is solvent and can fulfil contractual obligations.
  • You are welcome to trial SweGo for free until December 31, 2017. Thereafter, there is annual membership payment of SEK 3000 (Swedish Crowns). Should your listing not be accepted, your fee will be refunded in full.


Registering your company and your services on the portal is simple. Here are the various steps required as well as some ways you can make your company stand out. Please observe that there is no “save function” while you are registering your company profile, so you need to fill in your registration data and submit your profile all at once. After your profile is submitted you are able to go in and make changes to your profile whenever you want, including taking your submission off the site. Here are some steps to follow when registering.

  • To register your company expertise and profile, you first need to sign up and create a user profile. You simply sign in with your e-mail and Sweden on the Go will mail you a password that we recommend you to change immediately.
  • Once you have logged in with your user profile, proceed to “Add Company” under your profile to start your company registration.
  • Payment Mode – Start by selecting payment mode – during 2017 you are welcome to select “Free Trial Period” payment mode. From 2018, see below.  
  • Write a Company Description – This text is important, since it will be the introduction to your company when people view your profile page listing. This allows you to fully describe your offering. Please consider including the following to ensure your description shows off your company’s capability and be as specific as possible on the offering – – Countries / regions in which you have specific experience – – Sectors / industries in which you specialise – – Expert areas in which you specialise – – Clients  / customers you want to reference having worked with – – Any certification or awards  your company may have – – Outstanding qualifications / experience of you / your staff – – Membership to business organizations – – Third party liability Insurance
  • Upload Images – You have the opportunity to choose a few powerful images which showcase your company or offering.
  • Upload Logo – Please include a jpeg of your company logo which will be displayed at the top of your listing page.
  • Categorize your international services –  List your services by industry, competence and country specialization. You can list in multiple categories. Please only list the services where your company has proven expertise and experience. You will also be able to make use of the Company Description and Tags to make your offer more precise and if the categories do not match perfectly.
  • Tag your services – Choose some keywords or phrases which best match your offering. This will allow potential clients to find you more easily when they search the site. For instance “legal insight”, “company registration”, “compliance documentation”, “IP registration”, Africa, East Africa, Asia, Kenya, Nigeria, Indonesia.
  • Fill in your company and contact information – Please include your complete contact information so potential clients (and other members) can connect and engage with you. It is of great value if you list website/LinkedIn/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/GooglePartner profile for the Company or key person there. Only one contact person can be noted under Contact Information, but make use of the Company Description profile if you want to add information on other key people and skills.
  • Indicate your geographical location – Location details should be completed based on where your company is situated. You can choose to use your street address, which will show on the map or, if you prefer, just reference your city.
  • Upload Compliance documents – You will need to upload various compliance documents verifying that your company qualifies according to above mentioned criteria. Upon request, we are happy to sign an agreement of confidentiality on all information related to your customers. If uploading does not work, you can mail the compliance documents to us at .
  • For the Previous Experience document, please include  at least two past clients with whom you have done business who we can contact
  • List principal business membership organization(s) – Please enter which principal business member organization (BMO) your company belongs to, e.g. chamber of commerce or other BMO . If you belong to several, please choose one to list as the main and then mention the others in your full Company Description.
  • The  third party liability insurance proof is not mandatory, but favorable if you indicate if you have one.
  • Preview – Finally, preview your listing before you complete your registration, and check that you have included all the information you need and that it is displayed correctly.
  • Submit company registration. 
  • After your submission, we will go over your application, contact you via skype or telephone if needed, and get final approval from our approval committee before publishing your company on the SweGo website.
  • You will be able to make changes to your profile yourself, after we have published your company profile. If you need to make changes previous to this to your company profile application, please mail us on .
  • Questions? Contact us at See also the FAQ page.


  • From 2018, you will be invited to make an annual membership payment of 3000 SEK to be listed on SweGo. Payment will be made at the end of the process, after you have filled in the required information for registering. The annual fee needs to be paid before we can approve your registration. Payment can be made from Sweden to Chamber Trade Sweden’s bank through Bankgiro, Swish or Paypal.
  • Payment should be made in accordance with the following:
    • — From inside Sweden – Handelsbanken  688 344 348 or Bankgiro 121-0632  or Swish to 1230018606 or via Paypal.
    • From outside Sweden – international bank transfer to Handelsbanken, 688 344 348, HANDSESS or via Paypal.
  • Don’t forget to mail your proof of payment to
  • Once we have gotten your submission and payment we will get back to you within one week with a decision on approval. We’re always happy to help!