Qualification criteria

Qualification criteria

These are the mandatory criteria that consultants must comply with in order to offer services on the Sweden on the Go platform. When creating your profile, you will be prompted to upload these documents as part of the profile building process. Please note, these documents are for internal use only, they will not be published.

Please contact us directly if you have any questions about these criteria.

Please also read our Terms and Conditions.

Proof of company registration

When registering your company profile, you will be asked to provide proof of company registration or corresponding verification that your company is legally registered for tax purposes according to Swedish law or corresponding law where you / your company is based.


You will when registering your company profile be asked for case, client references or other corresponding documentation supporting the expertise and experience behind your service offering – should also include references and contact information which can verify this expertise.

Membership of a business members organisation

You will when registering your company profile be expected to give details of membership (s) of a business member organisation, e.g. chamber of commerce, sector organization or business network.

Declaration of good standing

During the registration process, you will be asked to declare compliance with our declaration of good standing stating that your business is in good standing, that you are not currently being investigated for any criminal offence, and that your company is solvent and able to fulfill contractual obligations with other legal entities.