Ulrika Nilsson

Ulrika Nilsson - CEO, Secure State Cyber

In less than one year, we went from a “fact finding tour” to a fully incorporated Canadian subsidiary, with employees. Sweden on the go was definitely an important part of making this happen. We especially appreciated the personal experience the Sweden on the go consultants had of doing business in Canada and their strong local networks. Thank you Sweden on the go for matching us with the consultancy companies SBD Consulting and Trois- Soixante.

Charlotte  Loyau-Kahn

Charlotte Loyau-Kahn - Owner and General Manager , Scandi Bureau

Scandi Bureau is a French-Nordic organisation founded in 1989. Based in both Stockholm and Paris, Scandi Bureau offers commercial support for Nordic companies wishing to do business in France. Services include mutualized customer service, sales administration and sales support.

Dimitris Tsakiris

Dimitris Tsakiris - Owner, SWE-DE AB

SWE-DE helps Swedish small and medium-sized companies, within the B2B sector, with technical products, to establish sales, marketing or even a subsidiary in Germany . Dimitris has significant experience at C-suite level of Swedish/German B2B opportunities and has created sizeable market entry opportunities for Swedish SMEs.

John Barclay

John Barclay - Managing Director, Primasia Corporate Services Limited

Primasia is a licensed Trust or Company Service Provider based in Hong Kong providing one-stop incorporation and supporting corporate services. Primasia has a long history of providing services to clients in the Scandinavian countries, especially in Sweden. In 2007, Primasia Corporate Services Limited merged with Mandarin Star Ltd., founded in 1987 by Gota Banken.