Ross Hopwood

Ross Hopwood - CEO, Breaze Solutions

Ross Hopwood is Breaze Solutions’ CEO. The organisation has worked with clients in many European and other markets. They all want one thing; to develop their international business – either through cross border purchasing or opening up new markets in which to sell their products. Nordic clients have the same requirement, but the uncertainties existing in a number of territories and markets at the moment, mean that the challenges to succeed have increased along with the opportunities.

Sandra Sowray

Sandra Sowray - Director, Prolog Consulting

Sandra is Director of Prolog Consulting, a strategic communications consultancy with over 40 years combined experience of South African issues. Now available beyond South Africa to a global market, Prolog’s service offering helps companies doing international business to navigate corruption and other unethical practices as well as providing crisis management capability.

Jackie Bojor

Jackie Bojor - Founding Partner, FRD Center – Centrul Regional de Dezvoltare Factor

Jackie Bojor is a Founding Partner of FRD Center (The Factor Regional Development Center) in charge of Market Entry consulting and also responsible for building international relationships. Her company specializes in helping foreign companies export, source and invest effectively in Romania and Eastern Europe.

Jens Wernborg

Jens Wernborg - founder of, Ripple Effect Consultancy

Hong Kong is the city that almost never sleeps, and where business is done literally 24 hours a day, and Ripple Effect is at the heart of it! Founded in Hong Kong in August 2016, Ripple Effect Consultancy (REC) is run by myself, Jens Wernborg, and Margret Leung. We are passionate about technology and work with a handful of brilliant tech companies from around the world in the space of cloud computing including ITaaS, Cybersecurity, and online payments. We combine cutting edge technology with traditional market intelligence to help our clients succeed in Hong Kong and APAC. Just like getting on that train, it is relatively easy to establish yourself in Hong Kong. Almost everyone is open to doing business and, in our experience, is keen to talk about how “you” and “they” could work together and find synergies.