Digital expertise and interface key to international success

The pandemic has made digital expertise and interface with customers and suppliers key factors for succeeding internationally.  With the current restrictions on international business travelling, international consultants locally out there on the markets you are penetrating have become more important to work with, says Charlotte Kalin, Sweden on the Go. In an article for the Swedish Federation of Business Owners, Företagarna, Charlotte reflects on the prospects for Swedish exports. She also talks about the importance of making better use of international consultants to help scale up your international business. Sweden is a bit different from other countries, Charlotte explains. This is because the Swedish government makes little use of international consultants in their trade promotion model.  We see a great opportunity to improve on the Swedish model. By showcasing the over 120+ qualified international consultants we have today on Sweden on the Go, we hope government stakeholders in Team Sweden will make better use of the international expertise made available to them. Read more on https://www.foretagarna.se/nyheter/riks/2020/oktober/sweden-on-the-go/

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